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Linards Lacis

Ceo, creative director

Linards prefers his works to talk instead of him and truly agrees the old saying, that a picture in your head is worth a thousand words in your mouth.

He has created brand identities for shipping companies and even sport pigeon competitions. His true passion is photography and restoration of 100 year old historic photos.

Liga Lace

Project manager, PR expert

Liga has loved managing and organizing events for as long as she can remember. She has the essential ability to find the solution for every problem with confidence and to generate successful result for every project.

She is also a professional make up artist and stylist for advertising photo shoots and individual photo sessions. She smiles a lot and loves everything she does.

Connor Murphy

Senior designer, linguistic expert

Connor believes that the power of a creative solution is found in ideas, craftsmanship, and the ability to turn out beautifully thought-through design. He brings nearly 22 years of experience in graphic design, branding and linguistics.

His hipster vibe isn’t fake either, he owns a guitar and genuinely does love craft beer and camping.

Ivo Yirgen

Graphic designer, typography expert

Once upon a time in the last century Ivo graduated kindergarten with an honors degree. His teacher was foreseeng enough to compliment the diploma’s field of “Future profession” with a word “designer”. To officially rise the value of this document, 27 years later Ivo received a masters degree in the Art Academy.

Ivo is an extremly experienced graphic designer, who has been working with largest companies in Europe.

Rudolph Klavins

Senior project manager, strategic planner

Rudolph’s best characteristic is the Master’s degree in international marketing and advertisement. We would truly like to mention any bad sides of him, so that the smiling photo looks more convincing, but truth be told - no one has yet found any and no clients have ever complained about him.

Rudolph is a good person (he has two dogs). He loves his job and leads every project to an excellent result.

Scott Hughes

Senior designer, linguistic expert

Scott is exceptionally experienced branding expert with a Bachelor of Arts focused in Art and Design from Iowa State University. He takes a big picture approach to design, delivering systems, solutions and campaigns with a meticulous eye for detail.

His experience has led his to work on branding and designing for various real estate developments, tech, corporate and manufacturing clients. He has also won us over with his passion for Italian wine. If you show up on the right day, you might just get a glass of the very best from his collection.

Tom Bordans

Lawyer, copyright & trademark expert

Tom knows everything about copyright, trademark and patent laws. He’s experienced and confident expert. If we find any of our designs or ideas copied without permission, he will always deal with it.

As ironic as it may be, Tom is also a professional MMA fighter with a steel-strong skull, so he’s not just our intellectual protector, but also a full service security personnel.

Martin Smith

Senior project manager

Martin oversees all of AD RIGA’s design output, ensuring a consistently high standard across all the projects we undertake for our fantastic clients. Conscientiousness, attention to detail and an ability to multi-task under pressure matter to him. His job is to keep everyone on track and he truly enjoys problem solving.

Martin also loves to play golf in his spare time, and has an addiction to collecting stuffed toy crocodiles - an odd addiction to have, but there could be odder things to collect, right?

Christian Torralbo

Graphic & audiovisual designer

In spite of the saying, you can actually judge the book by its cover as this good looking Spanish guy can finish Rubik's cube in less than 40 seconds.

Our talented Christian is originally from Barcelona, he’s a total perfectionist, creative genius, motorsport lover and a hard working person.

Artis Shtamguts

Artist, fashion designer

Artis (yes, that’s his name and art it really is) - he is a doctor at Art Academy and without a doubt one of the best awarded fashion designers in Northern Europe.

Artis is not only a great guy to have for any kind of discussion regarding the topics of art, but also the right person, who will help to create an excellent uniform design for any kind of company or event.

Martin Pavasaris

Project manager, copywriter

Martin has been working in television, radio stations and newspapers. Besides the work in our agency he is also a popular radio voice.

Communication with our customers, socializing and leading our projects gives him a true pleasure. We love having Martin in our team and he loves to fulfill the needs of each and every one of our customer.

Arundev Hartman

Web designer, programmer

Arundev is one of our team’s golden players. His taste of style and outstanding skills generate wonderful results. He knows how to combine the modern and functional.

Arundev has been talented since kindergarten, he is very friendly, punctual and easily solves any problem. Truth be told we like him a lot.

Dave Ozols

Graphic designer, illustrator

Dave is a truly gifted artist with a masters degree. Besides the work in our office he has managed to open several solo-exhibitions and proven his unique style coupled with serious skills.

Taking his talents aside, Dave is a simple and friendly guy with a huge heart, wild soul, cool bicycle and big backpack full of oil colors, brushes, sketchpads, pencils, pens, water colors... you name it.

Dmitry Utkin

Graphic designer, 3d artist

Dmitry is already the second person in our team who found us, not the other way around. He loved our works so he asked for our help to create his own portfolio page. His 3D visualizations were so stunning, that we invited him to a job interview. Now he is an official member of our creative force.

Dmitry is master in 3D arts. Like it is not enough already, but he is also a very friendly and positive person. This energy transforms into his art.

Egils Lange

Web developer

Egils was one of the smartest guys in high school, he was literally obsessed with chemistry and he won many awards in national science competitions. After the graduation he started to transform his passion for chemical formulas to programming codes. Now he has a master’s degree in IT.

Some say that Egils can work up to days without sleep and eat nothing but codes. Based on his dedication and responsible attitude, we might truly believe this story.

John Livins

Web developer

John has an extremely vast knowledge and experience in his field of work. He has successfully completed more than 100 large projects for banks, IT companies and many other fields.

John is a true expert in any kind of web and IT development. He is very accurate, dedicated and always paying attention to even the smallest of details.

Richard Shesho

TV & radio ad expert

Richard is not only a professional advertismenet expert, he has made breathtaking video & audio projections for many famous light festivals. Each of his works generates a huge “wow” effect in any audience, that’s guaranteed.

He is extremely experienced in the creation of TV and Radio ads as well as in the process, formats and laws of media. He knows everything, like totally everything.

Reinis Bloom

Videographer, multimedia artist

Initially, we planned to leave this field blank - we are cautious on not to promote Reinis too much as we often wonder why he works with us and not with one of the top Hollywood’s production companies.

Multimedia artist with a master’s degree, king of drones, video tech hypnotist, light wizard. But for our teammates - simply a Dear Honorable Sir Bloom.

Peter Liepins


Many years back Peter found our company and asked for a help regarding logo design. The talented and vastly experienced photographer left such a great impression and proved himself so similar to our company’s values, that we invited him to a job interview.

Since that very day Peter is an important part of our team. His field of work is based on people, product, calendar and other type of commercial photography.

Elina Plume


Our teammates have trusted her to photograph the most important moments of their lives, including weddings and baptism. We are always impressed by her photography, so it is only natural that we also trust her skills for our customer commissions.

Elina is confident, calm and friendly. She smiles a lot and the same thing does her photography. That is a fact.

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