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Creating a great business name can be both time consuming and frustrating as it has to be distinctive, memorable and in perfect scenario - the .com domain name must also be available and not already in use by another company.

We know this all too well and for clients that don't have their business name defined yet, we created the Brand Dandy project.

Brand Dandy is a collection of 1st class exclusive top level .com domains available for new business world-wide. We are also superior in quality as we are not (!) an escrow service unlike other popular domain name markets. We own 100% of all the names you see on Brand Dandy, so there is no possibility that your purchased domain name will not be available or sold to someone else.

All of our domains come with complimentary logo designs created by our designers. In case you love the name, but don't prefer the logo you see, every purchase on Brand Dandy is also eligible for a -50% discount to order a custom made superior quality brand identity crafted by our creative team.

Visit BRANDDANDY.COM to explore the full collection of exclusive business names & domains for sale.

Time it takes: 2 business days
Cost: from $2,500

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