Crafting Your Dental Brand: Tips for Dental Branding

Building a trustworthy and visually attractive brand identity for your dental practice may be the single most important thing you can do to set yourself up for success in the long term.  With more than 20 years of experience we can surely say we do know the impact of a powerful brand identity.

Today, we’re highlighting 3 amazing dental brand identities we have recently created. Review these dental branding examples, see what these brands are doing right, and consider how your own practice branding holds up to the competition. Ask yourself — is my practice a brand? Without it, you risk being just another dental practice, lost in a sea of hundreds of other dentists.

1. LAVA Dental Studio

When we created brand identity for the LAVA dental studio, its founder Vladislav Alekseyev said he wanted to break the stereotypes about visiting the dentist as an unpleasant event. «Unfortunately, dentistry in the Baltic States still suffers from the seal inherited from the Soviet era. Faint wall colours, the specific smell and bad music all make a dentist appointment scary, unpleasant and give the impression that it is not stylish to visit the dentist in general. It results in many oral and dental health problems, so when planning LAVA dental studio, we wanted to create a feeling of a spa or a design hotel,» says Vladislav. That is why he invited our agency to take part in the development of the clinic.

The name of the clinic “LAVA” was formed from the initials of the owners and served as a starting point for the design. In developing the design concept, we drew inspiration from the way lava flows and transforms. «This natural phenomenon is also a metaphor for the patient’s experience: after visiting the clinic, the patient feels positively transformed and has regained well-being and health,» Scott Hughes, our senior designer points out.

It was important for us to create a minimal and memorable symbolism that could be used equally easily for the clinic’s signboard, as well as for work clothes and the interior. The overall shape of the logo is not only initials of the owners L-A-V-A, but also a reminiscent of a volcanic silhouette with a check mark for a job well done. The geometry of the logo echoes the values of the clinic — accuracy and modern technologies. The straight lines are contrasted by a stylised lava pattern included in the graphic identity. The forest and earth tones used in the identity, complemented by gold accents, create a feeling of luxury and peace.

The graphic design elements permeate the premises of the clinic. As the client’s wish was to be different from other dental clinics, we aimed for original solutions that do not include the usual symbols with teeth and smiles.

LAVA dental studio has now been open for six months, and the head of the clinic Vladislavs Aleksejevs is satisfied with the achieved result:

LAVA dental studio is designed like a boutique. The environment of the clinic should be functional, clean and sterile, however, this did not prevent us from choosing expressive colours and materials. The design solutions of LAVA dental studio are aimed at creating a pleasant experience for the client. Expressive materials, original details and a holistic approach are changing perceptions of medical institution design.

2. A WHITE Clinic

“A White” Dental Clinic is one of the most well-known new dental brands in Northern Europe. It is sophisticated and unique in many ways. This practice leans heavily on technology — and not just dental technology. Patients schedule their appointments online, fill out patient paperwork on an iPad, and enjoy Netflix during their appointment.

Letter “A” in “A White” represents the initials of the owner and it also stands for the high-class services.

We strived for modern, minimalistic design, carefully crafting every part of corporate identity elements. Our main goal was to avoid using clichéd and overused icons such as teeth, smiles and stars in the logo design.

The clean and sophisticated web design that we created works as a “window” into the clinic. We made very clear instructions for the photographers and used large photos with their bright, tech and plant-filled office as well as happy images with welcoming doctors to create a genuine feeling of the actual visit and rule out the emotion of stereotypical painful and uncertain trips to the dentist.

The end result is a beautiful and modern web design that perfectly describes who they are as a practice and how they help improve the lives of their patients.

3. Transcend

“Transcend” is a brand new dental clinic in Vancouver (Canada) currently in development (May 2022). It is a specialized, exclusive dentistry that offers luxurious VIP experience for its patients. The name of the brand means to “go beyond the limits” and to “surpass expectations” and this is what the concepts represent.

The mark of the following concept is a letter “T” positioned on a podium as a symbol of superiority over competitors. The graphic part of the podium is created by three lines (technology, experience, quality – as well as a representation for all the three words “Transcend – Specialized Dentistry”). The increasing size of the lines and the negative space between them coupled with the base of the letter “T” generates an optical feeling of motion / development that relates to the word “Transcend” itself.


Branding in dentistry is now more important than ever. Not only it aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the health market that attracts and retains loyal patients, but it also plays a major role in standing out in a sea of hundreds of other dental clinics. A beautifully designed visual identity doesn’t just support a brand. It elevates it.

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed working on these brand identities. We would be thrilled to elevate your dental practice to a brand new level too!

If you are interested in hiring us, we’d love to hear from you at: info@adriga.com

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  1. As silly as it sounds I’ve always been afraid of dental office visits. This on the other hand generates completely opposite and positive emotions. Good job creatives!

    1. Good day to you Jessica! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! We’re glad we can help to reshape the old stereotype of how “frightening” dental visits are 🙂

      AD RIGA – Creative Agency

    1. Hi Rhonda! This is a lovely comment to read. Thank you! Two of these are based in Northern Europe, though we work with clients all over the world 🙂

      AD RIGA – Creative Agency

    1. Thank you so much for your support and endorsement! Feel free to do that, a back link would be much appreciated! 🙂

      AD RIGA – Creative Agency

  2. If your teeth are the most priced asset then you absolutely require a dentistry of the highest quality possible. These clinics give the impression I can fully trust them. Amazing work on the brand identities, great post!

    1. We adore these clinics too, the people working there are truly awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! 🙂

      AD RIGA – Creative Agency

    1. Perfect! That was exactly what we aimed for, especially in creating the brand identity for the A WHITE clinic. Thank you for your kind comment!

      AD RIGA – Creative Agency

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