Logo design and visual identity
is our passion and expertise.

Our creative team of 20 professionals involves 5 superb logo designers from Northern Europe and USA. We have completed more than 1200 successful logo design projects for clients all over the world. We guarantee exceptional service, smooth transcontinental communication and your total 100% satisfaction.

Logo design:

Brand visual identity consists of logo design and corporate style. After discussing all project-related aspects, we provide a proposal for the estimated cost and completion deadlines. An advance payment of 50% is expected to continue the creative process. There will be 2-5 professional graphic designers working on your project. As a result you will receive at least 3 different concepts to choose from. If necessary, you will be able to request any kind of revisions regarding color, font and composition.

What's included:

  • Project analysis, inspiration research, brand color palette & official typefaces defining - both for print and online.
  • 3 professional logo concepts to choose from.
  • Unlimited revisions (100% satisfaction guarantee).
  • Extensive sample images with photorealistic visualizations for each of the concepts to effectively help with the final choice.
  • Comprehensive visual guidelines with detailed logo usage information (official brand colors, versions for various backgrounds, composition and proportions, clear space, minimum sizes, official alternate logos, incorrect usage with detailed examples, typography overview, color codes for HEX, CMYK, RGB and PANTONE).
  • Digital and print layout files (more than 30 files with official logo versions that consist of logo design in full color, monochrome, horizontal and vertical lockups; original editable artwork files; JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF, PSD).
Time it takes: 4-8 weeks
Cost: from 5,000 USD

Here is some of our work:

Client testimonials:

4.93 out of 5 stars (277 reviews)

Juris Lūkass

Chief of Riga Municipal Police

The team of advertising agency AD RIGA has successfully completed a major creative project dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Riga Municipal police. As a result of the project we now have a modern and original high-quality logo that symbolizes our growth and development. Based on our field of work we had strict requirements, high expectations of quality and needless to say our needs were met and even exceeded! We were very pleased with the result and services they provided – many photo shoots, high quality photo exhibition, which was also created by the team of AD RIGA, calendars and amazingly well created brochure that reflects the history and nowadays of Riga Municipal police. The creation of these materials, the time they spent and the effort they put even in the smallest details generated a purely excellent outcome.

We are grateful to the director of AD RIGA and his talented team for the successful result and we wish them many more happy customers as we undoubtedly are.

Ginta Lapinska


We started our cooperation with the ad agency AD RIGA to adapt our television clips and create effective radio ads for different audiences. Their provided services are always professional and high-quality. AD RIGA agency undoubtedly is able to fit in very tight deadlines for which we highly appreciate their talented specialists.

We will surely continue this successful collaboration!

Vladislav Alekseyev

Entrepreneur, Gym studios "Qlab"

We are very grateful to the team of AD RIGA for perfectly crafted services, original logo concepts, full brand identity, responsive web site and all of the other professional services they provided. There is no hesitation to say that each and every penny was worth to be spent on our new brand identity. When our clients come to us, see our logo and take our business cards, they always compliment the creativity and high quality. We are proud to tell them that all of this was created here in Riga, Europe, the new and already well known agency called AD RIGA!

There is no doubt that we will continue this successful cooperation!


Candle workshop

We are grateful for that magic moment of finding AD RIGA on the Internet. Seeing their unique style we instantly understood we need this team working on our company's brand identity. AD RIGA's creatives have an exceptional talent to grasp the essence of the company and to conceptualize it into a modern and stunning logo & corporate design. Brilliant! Communication was also very constructive, friendly and professional. We highly recommend this team!

Armands Sils

Entrepreneur, "Skandlink"

We highly appreciate the professional work done by the ad agency / design studio AD RIGA in creating our brand identity and responsive, fully functioning, modern web site. When we first searched for the right company to help us with it, AD RIGA caught our eyes with their successful projects - there was something very special about them and our choice was well worth it!

It was more than exciting to receive and see all the logo concepts their designers came up with and we were able to request any variations. It was very easy to make our final choice and we are more than happy that we worked with AD RIGA. We highly recommend to choose the talented professionals of AD RIGA!

Ludmila Kisela

Marathon runner

I am more than pleased for my choice to collaborate with AD RIGA and no other agency. I received exactly what I expected – a high quality, outstanding and professional logo design. There is no doubt that this team is excellent at what they do.

Yelena Rodionova

Entrepreneur, "A.n. Carvings"

I am truly lucky to make the choice in collaborating with the advertising agency AD RIGA. I am very grateful to the talents of this agency for their remarkable imagination, unbeatable graphic design, logo concepts, high-quality services and a professional communication. Am I ever going to work with them again? -Without any hesitation, my answer is a confident - YES.

Diana Richik

Chief Editor of “Doctus” (Latvian medical magazine)

Many thanks to Linards and his talented team for the creation of the promotional campaign for “Doctus” (remark: popular medical magazine in Latvia). We highly appreciate the communication and the strict sticking to deadlines. It was very nice that our cooperation was flexible - we were presented with many ad concepts, including their own creative ideas and also an accurate projections of our own thoughts. We enjoyed the tasteful and brave style of the AD RIGA that is completely original and stands above the others. And finally – what we appreciated the most was their commitment to achieve the best possible result and a professional, high quality work.

Lauris Leitis

Entrepreneur, "Banquet services"

We have been working with AD RIGA and their talented specialists for many years. Professional communication, excellent service, outstandingly creative team and their full dedication - these are only a few words in which to describe our experience with AD RIGA.

Their photo shoots and superb photo manipulations for our ad campaigns shocks everyone (in the best possible meaning), we always receive the best compliments.

The result of their services is excellent!

Indra Arāja

"My Clinic Riga"

Our story starts with searching for a company that could create a professional and original logo for our clinic. The info on AD RIGA web site confidently stated a 100% satisfaction guarantee which at first made us a little suspicious. But still - we chose to take a try. We were high on our requirements, we had a professional and detailed conversation regarding every question we had... And? AD RIGA did it! They surely got another 100% fully satisfied client and the cooperation was very professional.

Didzis Torim

Entrepreneur, "Accent construction works"

Our construction company choose ad agency AD RIGA as a full brand identity developers including logo design, business cards, stationery design and a fully functioning web site. Our choice was made based on their portfolio and testimonials. Right now looking back to the achieved result we can surely say that we are grateful for the choice we made and we are proud to extend the list of the creative projects made by AD RIGA. We are very pleased with their services!

Surely we can recommend AD RIGA to everyone who is looking for a creative, original and professional agency!

Elena Lavrenyuk

"Mirada" dance organization

This is already the fifth year that we cooperate with AD RIGA and this number confirms that our choice in choosing the right long-term ad agency was excellent. They created our logo, brand identity, diplomas and designs for our annual dance competitions.

I am personally grateful to this team for the perfect, professional and creative services. They are friendly, experienced and their serious attitude ensures each costumer satisfaction.

Thanks to what they have created we can be proud with our own original style, atmosphere and even fans! 🙂

We are very thankful to the team of AD RIGA for the excellent work! We recommend this powerful agency to everyone and look forward to work with you again!!!

Rajesh Sethi

CEO of "Start Rating" and other global projects

Linards and his team are an exceptional set of people, they are very creative, their objective is to deliver a set of deeply studied concepts and believe me you will definitely pick one of the concepts they share with you. I am from India and I felt delighted to see their work and understanding which they have taken from my thoughts. Linards is a great professional, it is pleasure to interact and work with him. I wish the team all the very best! Please continue to deliver your creative passion to the world!

Gatis Grīnvalds

Enterprenuer from Finland, "imoov"

"The starting point of all achievements is desire." Quote by Napoleon Hill

I felt it right away just by looking at AD RIGA's work. PURE DESIRE. You can see and feel when people are doing what they are supposed to do in this world. I trust them and truly recommend: allow them to do their passion when starting your desire. Want to do it good, then choose the right people for the right job. Thumbs up!

Rita Sparks

Author of the book "From Flames to Freedom"

Linards Lacis is an exceptionally talented artist and designer whose creative efforts encompass a broad genre of artistic work. He has an intuitive ability to grasp the essence of a client’s requirements to develop an original and highly professional quality product. In designing my book cover, he generated multiple novel ideas ranging from antique drawings to unique photographic compositions representing a variety of style and color. Response time in completing the project was excellent and the design format was suitable for multiple applications for business cards, promotional posters, and website layout. His knowledge of digital media and social networks is outstanding and allowed for smooth transcontinental communications with my publisher. Mr. Lacis is a gifted artist with an extensive portfolio of diverse areas of interest and I have no reservations in recommending him highly.

Peter Liepins

Entrepreneur, "Scandinavian windows"

AD RIGA's designs are original and positive - that’s exactly what attracted me to choose them as my logo designers. Communicating with Linards is very pleasant and easy, he just knows how to explain things, and he does all his work at the highest quality and keeps the promised deadlines. I can suggest Linards and his team as the most experienced professionals of this field.

Sanda Sināte

Entrepreneur, berry farm "Jurenski"

I knew that I would trust this kind of work only for the team of AD RIGA and no one else even before I had the need to do it. Without any doubt I can say that my thoughts were perfectly perceived right away and successfully put into all of the created concepts. It was absolutely a creative and high quality work! Outstanding and excellent result till even in the smallest details! I am grateful for the services and I know that our cooperation with AD RIGA will surely continue!

Gatis Sprūds

General secretary of "National Alliance" (one of the leading Latvian political parties)

Cooperation with the advertising agency AD RIGA was excellent and highly professional, the created designs were obviously a high-quality work and they fulfilled our complex requirements. It was very great experience to work with this company! Thank you very much!

Māris Arbidāns


I am grateful to the team of ad agency AD RIGA for the excellent service in creating an outstanding brand identity, logo design and modern web site - visually attractive and fully functioning. The result exceeded my expectations. They kept the promised deadlines and the communication was totally smooth.

Thank you and I wish your team many more creative ideas and projects!

Ruth Labrence

Entrepreneur, fashion designer

My cooperation with the advertising agency AD RIGA consisted of creation of web site (online store) and brand identity. Our project goal was to create an outstanding design and offer a convenient and comprehensive customer service.

Despite the fact that the project development was organized from a long distance (due to the fact that I live in London), the result was original, innovative and visually perfect. Needless to say that it was also highly valued and approved by other professionals of the industry here in London. Linards Lācis and his team are truly talented artists and designers with an advanced perception of any customer needs. They have an exceptional ability and experience to deliver an excellent result.

Philip Birzulis

Entrepreneur, tourism expert

AD RIGA designed the TravelinLatvia logo, created a series of illustrative maps about Latvia and its regions and played a big part in developing the site's image. The team of AD RIGA is talented, energetic and creative, they deliver quality work on time and on budget. I look forward to working with AD RIGA again in future, as my experience with them has been excellent in every way!

Sanita Spure

Entrepreneur, "Salad bar"

It was very easy to work with AD RIGA - they quickly understood my needs and smoothly did the job. They created many professional logo designs which were all amazingly creative and successful! The communication and their services were accurate and professional!

Martin Kronberg

Entrepreneur, "Marko tech"

We started our successful cooperation with creative agency AD RIGA based on many recommendations from our partners. I am confident to assure that the team of AD RIGA consists of superb professionals and they surely are the best at what they do.

The logo design and brand identity that they created was exactly what we were looking for to define and represent our company to our customers. The experts of AD RIGA are very intuitive, easy to communicate with and they were able to quickly understand our needs.

Visvaldis Leitāns

Entrepreneur, CEO of beach hotel / guest house "Jurmala camping"

We have been working with AD RIGA for many years, we have ordered advertising banners, individually designed icon themes and various advertising material designs. When working with AD RIGA you can always expect a pleasant and professional attitude, individual and creative approach, unique, original style and an excellent quality of the final result. Is there something more to wish? We have no hesitation to recommend them highly!

Zigmund Freiberg

Entrepreneur, "Fun events"

I went through dozens of advertising and creative agencies to find the right one which I would trust in creating my company's logo design and corporate identity. The portfolio of AD RIGA confidently convinced me that this is the ONLY company that is always able to combine conceptually perfect ideas and visually stunning design. My expectations were fully exceeded and I was grateful for the result - clean, smart, effective and attractive logo!

My sincerest gratitude to Linards and his team, they did an amazing job!

Christoph Grietins

Entrepreneur, "Diet plan"

Accuracy, flexibility and professionalism – these are the 3 words that can describe the team of AD RIGA. Thank you once again for the perfect logo and brand identity! Superb creativity and highest quality!

Andris Virats

Entrepreneur from Sweden, "Backa Bygg"

I would like to express my gratitude to the designer Linards Lacis and all his team for the creation of the logo for my company "Backa Bygg".

I have to say that the info which I provided for them was very limited - all I knew was the color that I prefer and that's all, but the created design is exactly what I was hoping for! Although it was really impossible for me to describe what I wanted at the beginning. As a result I now have a professional logo that will effectively stay in our potential customers' minds with it's minimal and symbolic style, which in my opinion is one of the most important factors in a high quality logo design.

Once again - thanks for the cooperation!

Māris Lācis

Entrepreneur, "Latvia's radio", "Mix pro studio"

Launch of a web site is something very important for small businesses like mine. Especially if you work in a global scale. For many companies a good web site is the main tool to find clients and there comes a moment when you need to follow the tendencies of the modern times and adapt your design. The creative agency AD RIGA did it perfectly - at the highest quality, quickly and totally affordable!

Ints Balodis

Entrepreneur, "MA computers"

Lācis is talented. You have my word.

Victor Ravdive

Entrepreneur, ceo of restaurant chain "International S.V."

We experienced a very pleasant cooperation with AD RIGA. Fast adaption to our brand and vision, high quality design production and attention to even the smallest of details, as well as perfect understanding of our needs and requirements.

Linda Lejina

Entrepreneur, "Spotlight dance studios"

AD RIGA experts are masters in understanding the needs and requirements of every client. In a time of thousands of ad agencies, this factor is extremely important because you do not have to worry about the result or spend any time on revisions. AD RIGA does everything quickly, professionally and at an affordable price. This company will surely become the leader in the field thanks to their excellent services. My sincerest gratitude for the perfect result!

Edgars Pelcis

Entrepreneur, "Hanza cargo"

The choice to work with the AD RIGA was based on a serious analysis of top North European ad agencies. The portfolio of AD RIGA convinced us of their creativity and high quality - there were no doubts that this team will be an excellent option for our brand identity and ad campaigns. The choice has proven itself to be perfect and we are grateful for the top quality result!

Dmitry Utkin

Entrepreneur, designer, "DAK VISUAL"

Professional web site is an extremely important stepping stone for every business. Many thanks to the advertising agency AD RIGA for the perfect job! The workflow, communication, attitude towards a client - everything was excellent! My needs were instantly met and fulfilled!


Professional bike shop in Norway, Sykkelstasjonen.no

When we first understood our old logo does not represent the company values anymore, we chose to get it re-designed, but was not sure if that would be possible as it was important for us to keep the core idea of the old logo. So we started our search for creative agencies, design studios, many different graphic designers, contest pages, etc., but once we came upon AD RIGA, there were NO DOUBTS they will be the right fit for the task. The result was excellent and we highly appreciate the precision, dedication and their professional attitude. Best of luck for you guys!

Juta Neimane

Entrepreneur from Sweden, jewelry artist

I am grateful from the heart to the team of AD RIGA for the perfect logo design that they created for my company! I went through many graphic designers and ad agencies, but AD RIGA took my full attention with their professional web site and the huge, astonishing portfolio. My choice was perfect!

My needs were fulfilled and they created an excellent result. That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you once again and I highly recommend AD RIGA to every company or individual!

Dace Pūpola

Entrepreneur, "Semeko"

To leave footprints... To live and to work the way so that you make the world a more beautiful place and leave your legacy behind. As there is nothing else to be called an art as the art of truly loving what you do, loving the people around you and to create something with a true value.

These are words from the heart and I can honestly refer it to our cooperation with ad agency AD RIGA. Their team of gifted experts are able to easily perceive the needs of every client and create a visually stunning designs with brilliant and powerful message. The choice to work with AD RIGA was totally worth it. THANK YOU!

Kaspars Tuls

Entrepreneur from Norway, "TULS WORKFORCE"

Why did we choose AD RIGA? Because of a detailed and careful analysis of many ad agencies' portfolios. AD RIGA projects got our undivided attention, they are always top-notch!

We give the maximum rating to this agency as the communication and provided services were undoubtedly excellent! Our requirements were completely fulfilled.

The result is an investment and more than worth the spent budget! We recommend advertising agency AD RIGA with no hesitation! Thank you!

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